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img_1235Women’s Rights

  1. Sisterhood and Shortbread: Meghan Murphy at the Scottish Parliament
  2. Lessons from Canada: On Women’s Libraries and Liberation
  3. Ending Demand: The Sisterhood vs The Sex Industry
  4. Open Letter to Edinburgh Rape Crisis Staff and Trustees

Black Studies & Radical Learning

  1. On Race, Place, and Headspace
  2. #SpaceWoC: Women of Colour Against the Sex Trade
  3. Bending the Revolution & Claiming Lesbian Feminist Politics

Dispatches from the Margins – A Series IMG_20171228_165010_683-1.jpg

  1. On Feminist Movement Building
  2. Depression & Digital Detox
  3. On Women, Race, and Class
  4. Lesbian Connection & the Lavender Menace
  5. Disposable Women

lesbian_feminist_liberationSex, Gender, and Sexuality – A Series

  1. Sex, Gender, and the New Essentialism
  2. Lezbehonest About Queer Politics Erasing Lesbian Women
  3. The Problem That Has No Name Because Woman is too Essentialist
  4. The Vanishing Point: A Reflection Upon Lesbian Erasure
  5. Binary or Spectrum, Gender is a Hierarchy
  6. ‘Punch a TERF’ Rhetoric Encourages Violence Against Women
  7. Womanhood: On Sex, Gender Roles, and Self-Identification
  8. On the Same Page: Some Thoughts on Gender & Sexuality
  9. Keeping Faith: Towards a More Compassionate Gender Discourse

radfem-symbolRace and the Feminist Movement  – A Series 

  1. Your Silence Will Not Protect You: Racism in the Feminism Movement
  2. The Outsider Within: Racism in the Feminism Movement
  3. Ain’t I a Woman? Racism in the Feminism Movement
  4. For the White Woman Who Wants to Know How to be My Friend: A Black Feminist Guide to Interracial Solidarity
  5. When White Women Close Ranks: On Racism in the Feminist Movement

feministBlack Feminism

Lesbian Feminism

le_space_brusselsBlack Feminist Travel Writing


circuitfeminism_dqh8xpTalks & Speeches



Sexe, genre, et sexualité

  1. Le sexe, le genre, et le nouvel essentialisme
  2. Lezbehonest (Parlons franchement) à propos de l’effacement des femmes lesbiennes par la politique queer
  3. Le problème qui n’a pas de nom… parce que le mot « femme » est qualifié d’essentialiste
  4. À propos de notre disparition: réflexions sur l’effacement des lesbiennes
  5. Qu’on le voie comme binaire ou comme un spectre, le genre demeure une hiérarchie

Feminisme radicalglobal1


Sexo, género y sexualidad

  1. Sexo, Género y el Nuevo Esencialismo
  2. Seamos Honestas Sobre Cómo Las Políticas Queer Excluyen a las Mujeres Lesbianas
  3. El Problema que No Tiene Nombre porque “Mujer” es Demasiado Esencialista