Upcoming Events

F, M or Other: Quarrels with the Gender Binary, an Anthology launch

8th February, Lighthouse Books (Edinburgh), 20.00 – 22:00 | Free/£3 | Tickets Here




Women Against Racism

30th September, Nottingham Contemporary, 10.30 – 17:00 | Free | Sold OutFiLiA

Black Feminism, Womanism and the Politics of Women of Colour in Europe

7th October, Binnenpret (Amsterdam),  09.30 – 23.30 | Free | Sold Out


14th October, Institute of Education (London) | Tickets Here

WOW – Women of the World – Festival Perth

28th October, Perth Concert Hall | Tickets Here

Unconventional Conventions: Moving Towards Accessibility, Inclusivity and Intersectionality

29th October, Edinburgh | TBC










Race, History, and Brexit: Exploring the politics of erasure and documenting the experiences of Black and minority ethnic communities in Scotland post Brexit

25th October, Glasgow Caledonian University, 17:45 pm – 19:30 pm  | Free

The media has reacted to a reported 60% spike in racist attacks in the wake of the Brexit vote with soul-searching articles on race and racism in Britain. While welcome, these debates present racism as a ‘new’ phenomenon, erasing Black people’s experiences of and resistance to everyday and institutionalised racism.
Glasgow Caledonian University’s Dr Ima Jackson, Dr Akwugo Emejulu, of the University of Edinburgh and Clare Heuchan, Glasgow Women’s Library will lead an exploration of the politics and history of the erasure of race and racism in Britain and examine creative resistances developed by Black communities to counteract that experience. Bringing together activists, practitioners and academics, the seminar will attempt to understand this historic moment and develop collective strategies for social justice

Book here. SOLD OUT.


Sister Outrider x TYCI: Building an Anti-Racist, Feminist Manifesto

27th October, Glasgow Women’s Library, 5:30 pm – 7:30 pm | Free – £3

Historically Black women and women of colour have frequently been excluded from the women’s liberation and feminist movements as white feminists typically at the forefront of these movements didn’t factor in the intersection of race or racial oppression. With Claire’s work as a provocation and starting point, we invite our local and online communities to come together in discussion, creatively and collaboratively building an anti-racist feminist manifesto for Glasgow and Scotland. In addition to exciting discussion, there will be tunes from the TYCI DJs, delicious snacks, and great chat all round. From fledgling radicals to full on revolutionaries, all are welcome.

This event is a Sister Outrider and TYCI in partnership with CRER (Coalition for Racial Equality and Rights) and Glasgow Women’s Library, programmed as part of Glasgow’s Black History Month.

Book here. SOLD OUT

31st of August, 2016 – BBC Woman’s Hour. Listen here.

21st of June, 2016 – Women, Media, Politics, a symposium organised by the Scottish Graduate School for Arts & Humanities. Speech here.

25th of October, 2015 – Feminism in London. Speech here.